Tuesday, March 10, 2009

only god can judge me

ahhhhhh yeah its j'boi. its j'boiii. hey want one of these t-shirts? of course you do. hit me up if you want me to send one out. im thinking $15 domestic $20 intl. ahhh jeah. get at me quick cuz there aint many. picture me rollin, i a'int mad at cha, i get around. xoxo


Horsey said...

you best save me one of these bad boys. large, naw wha eye meeen

Horsey said...

did i say 2 weeks, i mean 5days. couldnt change my flight buddy. see you on the 17th. thats if you wanna meet me at the airport? sory to clog up your comments but since you deleted facebook i dunno how to speak to you. save me a shirt. bye for now

goatmilk said...

if theres any of those sluts that are small sized and misprinted send em my way