Thursday, May 28, 2009

if you are currently or have ever in your life worn a t-shirt listen up!

i have designed and printed a brand new t-shirt. iits really nice. It has a man riding on a panda bear and it says "lets fucking party". its a good summer shirt. it is good to wear to a party, or to work, or to give as a gift to your roomate, and its really really good for crying in. if you would like one i will send you one. $10 or 10 pounds or euros or whatever. just get in contact either via the comments or my email or hit me on my pager. ok i still hate you but want your money, bye bye.


goatmilk said...

nice haircut!

Horsey said...

me and cates would like 1 each. are they printed on kontorsions finest?
i am a large, cates a xxl or something crazy
how much for 2 posted to harrow house?

Horsey said...

i will take one for bodilly too. large

samir said...

hey there I would like to get one in a medium, email me at for the info.