Monday, February 16, 2009

how precious?

it was a long day today...damn long. i came home and sat down on the couch and set up all of my watercolor supplies in front of me. its a simple setup but it gets the job done. before i could tuck into some work i got back up and poured myself a glass of wine from a bottle i had sitting on the wood dresser next to the door. it looked so tasty and inviting in the glass, i had a sip and it was quite delicious. i got up once more and walked to the bathroom to fill a cup up with water for my paints. when i came back i peered into my glass and noticed a small knat drowning in my wine. i felt sorry for the little guy for some reason so i stuck my index finger into the wine and watched him clench on to the flesh life preserver. i pulled him out and placed him onto my opposite thumb and watched him stumble quite drunk in pathetic little semi circles on my skin. he looked quite wet still so i gently blew down onto him and watched him rub his front legs together then repeat the process with his back legs. he did this a few times then continued his semi circles with a bit more confidence. he was going to make it and it was all thanks to me! i wasnt an asshole. i saved one of god's creatures. i actually felt quite proud of myself for some reason when in hindsight saving a wine knat is about as important as trying to not step on ants when walking to the grocery store but i felt very pleased with myself anyhow. the little guy continued his self drying leg rubbing process and i watched with the utmost excitement and pride. i almost felt like a fire fighter that had saved a baby from a burning building, i felt like a good person. almost like a father. i started thinking of names for my little friend. surely he would want to stick it out with the man that had saved him from his merlot grave...he rubbed his front legs together once more took flight into the air and dove straight back into my wine glass...fucking alcoholic.

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