Monday, February 23, 2009

painting for Bomb magazine blog thingy.


by Aleš Šteger

Some were on their way through Tivoli,
In the middle of gymnastics on rings,
In the middle of lion taming at the circus
When bones leaped out of their shoulders.

Others got greasy fingers while making deals.
Small bones spurted from their palms.
Knuckles were bent by the pressure
Like sealing wax.

Left under desks and altars, vertebrae pooled.
Astonished heads collapsed into themselves
Like wet paper sacks.
Teeth dangled in the middle of a sentence.

Dialects evaporated discreetly.
Then amoebae, bacteria and algae began to multiply
Until jelly flooded the streets.
Whoever touched someone stuck to him forever.

Translated from the Slovenian by Brian Henry

my friend mary hooked this little gig up for me, its a pretty nice little poem about everyone turning to jelly and sticking together. ahhhh jeah. errr if you wanna see it all together or whatever click this shit.

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